The alGIRLithm programming contest will take place on November 11, 2023 from 4PM to 6PM ET.


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Contest Format


Each contest contains 6-7 algorithmic problems of varying difficulty.

  • Novice (correlates to basic to USACO bronze to easy USACO silver)
  • Advanced (correlates to easy USACO silver to regular gold)

Available Languages

Java, C++, Python

Time Limits For Each Language:

  • Java - 4s
  • C++ - 2s
  • Python - 10s

*all languages have a 512mb memory limit

Contest platform - Hackerrank

Try out a sample problem here!

Scoring system

Each problem is worth an equal number of points. Within a problem, each correct test case is worth an equal number of points. Ties are broken by the time of a team’s last correct submission.


Girls are allowed and encouraged to participate in teams of 3. Each team shares one HackerRank account, which they will submit solutions from.

There will be two divisions: Novice and Advanced.


Participants must be high school students (or younger) who identify as female or non-binary. Underrepresented minorities and students of low socioeconomic status are strongly encouraged to participate.

Templates and searching online during the contest are allowed.